UpdatedMonday July 6, 2020 byFTRL Board.

Mandated mask updates beginning July 9, 2020

1) All parents are responsible for keeping players home if showing signs of illness.
2) All coaches will need to wear a mask or face covering while coaching.
3) Players will not need to wear a mask while actively practicing or playing on the field.  A mask should be worn while on the bleachers not batting.
4) All spectators ages 2 and above are required to wear a mask when unable to socially distance (minimum of 6 feet) from others outside of their household. 
5) All parents/spectators will need to provide individual chairs as the bleachers are to be used by the players.  
6) All parents/spectators are to socially distance from all players on the field and in dugout.
7) Masks are required for all umpires

Additional information found on the attached Q & A sheet regarding the 2020 Summer Season.

FTRL Board

Q and A FTRL 2020 Boys and Girls of Summer Season.pdf