League Rules & Policies

UpdatedMonday February 24, 2020 byFranklin Township Rookie League.

General Park Rules:

NO SMOKING anywhere on the grounds. Our fields and parking lots are leased from the Franklin Township School Corporation and the law prohibits smoking on school property. 

Also, NO PETS allowed, except of course service dogs. This also is a school rule. We love dogs as much as the next person, but please leave them at home. 

We have 4 handicapped parking spots in the front of our lot. Please reserve them for those with handicapped parking stickers. 

NO BATTING PRACTICE before the games. Even if the other team isn't there yet, no batting practice allowed on our grounds on game days. This is more of a safety issue any thing else.

Please relay these rules to any family members or friends that plan on attending games throughout the year. Thank you to everyone for your courtesy and being a good example for our players. 

Rain Delay and Lightning Policy

If lightning is seen games are cancelled/delayed for up to 2 hours after last visible lightning strike. For rain cancellations/delays we will send out an e-mail/text as soon as we are able to determine if the fields are playable. The schedule can get difficult so we strive to only cancel if absolutely necessary. FTRL Board Members are at the fields as soon as possible and usually undermanned. So if rain comes, just know you are always welcome at the fields early to help try and make them playable. 

Age group specific rules are available for download.

FTRL Code of Conduct REV20180308.pdf
FTRL General Rules and Regulations REV03082018.pdf
FTRL Majors Division Rules REV20180914
FTRL Majors Draft Rules REV20200224.pdf
FTRL Minors Division Rules REV20180308.pdf
FTRL Tee-Ball Rules REV20180308.pdf